South African national elections, 8 May 2019 – important information for Paste 2019 Conference South African attendees

The President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, announced at the annual State of the Nation Address on 7 February 2019 that South Africa will hold national elections on 8 May 2019. As exciting and as important a day like this is for South Africa, it also coincides with the first day of the Paste 2019 Conference in Cape Town. In South Africa, voters cast their votes within the voting district in which they are registered to vote. However, if you are not able to be present in your registered area because you are travelling, you can vote at another polling station for the national candidate, but not the regional representative. This means South Africans attending the conference are able to vote for their national candidate of choice at a voting station close to the conference venue. Please see  for further details to satisfy yourself of the requirements to vote outside of your registered area.

The nearest voting station is at the Civic Centre at 16 Herzog Boulevard, a 12-minute walk from the venue. Opening times for voting are 07:00–21:00.

Q: Can I vote if I will be in another town or province on election day?

A: National and provincial elections:

You need to vote at the voting station where you’re registered to vote. However, if you’re outside of your voting district on election day you may vote at another voting station in South Africa. If you’re outside the province where you registered, you’ll only be able to vote in the national election and not the provincial election, and you’ll be asked to complete a VEC 4 form at the voting station.

Municipal elections and by-elections:
You need to vote at the voting station at which you’re registered.

Please remember that you must be a registered voter in South Africa in order to vote. To confirm that your name is on the voters’ roll and to find out which voting station you’re registered at, please check your voter registration status online or SMS your ID number to 32810. To locate your voting station on a map, please see our online voting station finder.

The Paste 2019 organisers will do their utmost to assist South Africans to cast their vote for the national candidate, based on the information provided by the Electoral Commission of South Africa, but cannot be held responsible should it not be possible on the day.