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Thank you to all who attended the Paste 2019 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Click here to view the Paste 2019 Conference Report.

The Paste 2019 Conference printed proceedings are available for purchase at the ACG Online Shop.

Paste 2020 will be hosted in Santiago, Chile, 10-12 June 2020, and the ACG will be running the Is the Future Filtered? Paste and Thickened Tailings Short Course alongside this event. Click here for more information on Paste 2020.

Paste 2019 Open Access Papers on the ACG Online Repository

The conference papers are now freely available for download at the ACG Online Repository. Click here to view them.

Thank you to the Paste 2019 Open Access Sponsors:


Upcoming ACG Tailings event:

See the ACG event page for more information.